Dress Code: Neon and leopard

imageHappy Friday! Today is the perfect day for my neon coral khaki pants from Gap. They are so bright and cheery. I found these pants for $2.97 and then they were 30% off. Best. Deal. Ever! Since the pants make such a bold statement, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple. I added a black tunic t-shirt from the Brass Plum department at Nordstrom. It was part of the Anniversary Sale and a steal at $17.99. I then put on my leopard Franco Sarto flats and my adorable, striped Kate Spade bangle. It’s the perfect Friday outfit!

Homework: How would you style neon pants?


Dress Code: On Wednesday’s wear lavender and leopard… and eyelet and stripes!

imageToday, I combined a lot of textures and patterns. I started with my favorite lavender khakis from Gap that cost less than $5. I added a white eyelet button up shirt from the clearance rack at Old Navy that was $10. It’s sheer, so I had to wear a camisole under it for work. I then layered on my leopard belt from Banana Republic and a black and white striped cardigan from Nordstrom. My Charming Charlie leopard wrap bracelet and my Franco Sarto ballet flats added the extra touches of pattern. It was a comfortable and fun outfit. I’m getting more adventurous when it comes to mixing patterns. Remember, it doesn’t have to match, it needs a to go together. And leopard is now officially a neutral!

Homework: How have you been working leopard into your wardrobe as a neutral?

Dress Code: Leggings, leather, and leopard!

imageSometimes, you need an outfit that is comfortable and professional. My Vince Camuto leggings with a leather tuxedo stripe are so cute. I bought them at the summer Nordstrom sale and they were worth every penny. They can be made casual, like today, with my leopard Franco Sarto ballet flats or jazzed up when worn with heels and a sparkly top. My ivory tunic from Forever 21 was the perfect fit for this outfit. The asymmetrical hem makes it super flattering. I added two chunky “jade” necklaces that I bought for $2.80 each at Forever 21. So I guess it leather, leggings, leopard with a touch of jade! I forgot to take pictures before I left for school, so I ended up taking these pictures when I was at the gas station after school. Please note the ocean view!

imageNo homework today! It’s my parents’ 53rd wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to Nance Bear and The Dude, otherwise known as the best mom and dad around!

Special Assembly: Nance Bear’s Birthday or a party without a favor is just a meeting!

imageMy mom is one and a million and I wanted her to have a special birthday! She has had a rough time over the past year and a half. My dad has been ill and my mom has taken over as his caretaker. She doesn’t like a lot of attention, and gifts don’t really matter to her. Her love language is gifts of time and service. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted a lint roller! I knew I could do better than a lint roller, so I planned a few fun things to celebrate her birthday weekend. Since my mom’s actual birthday was on Saturday, we started by going to church as a family. Our Lady of Fatima is a beautiful church and it means a lot to my parents when we attend the Saturday evening mass together. After mass, we took my dad home and got him set up on his feeding machine, and then we went out to dinner at Nick’s in downtown San Clemente. We had a great dinner and enjoyed our time together. When we got home, my mom, dad, and I played on our IPads and watched tv together.

To church and dinner, I wore my favorite Gap white boyfriend jeans, a denim shirt, also from Gap, with an orange sweater from Banana Republic.  I added my Franco Sarto leopard ballet flats and my usual bling to top off the outfit.

Part two of the birthday celebration was a birthday luncheon with our favorite friends. We are lucky to have a wonderful circle of friends who have been supportive throughout the past year and a half. In our family, we feel that a party without a party favor is just a meeting. I wanted extra special party favors for this lunch. I needed a theme! My mom loves teddy bears and taking baths, so I combined the two. I went to Lush at Fashion Island and found adorable carrot shaped bubble bars. I also added a small lint roller to the bag, because everyone needs one in their car or suitcase. I am a tiny bit famous for making cute themed cupcakes, so I searched Pinterest and found teddy bear in a bubble bath cupcakes that I modified. I made red velvet cupcakes and topped them with cream cheese frosting. I then piled on mini marshmallows and floated some teddy graham cookies in the bubbles. I have discovered when you make super cute cupcakes, no one wants to eat them on the spot, they want to take them home and show them off. So now I package my cupcakes to go using plastic cups and plastic bags. Sometimes I make mini cupcakes to eat at the party, but I didn’t have time to that for this party. imageThe cupcakes turned out so cute!

I put the party favor bags together by adding the Lush carrot, the lint roller, a cute package of Kleenex with mom sayings (like, “Moms are like dads, only smarter!”), and the cupcake. I added a monogrammed tag to each bag and I was done. I found the rhinestone initial stickers at Michael’s and used scrapbook paper to make the tags. The cupcake ribbon was purchased at Shinodah and was the perfect touch to finish off the gift bags. Since the bags were personalized, they served as place cards as well. image We had a lovely lunch and my mom thoroughly enjoyed herself! Mission accomplished! imageI wore my white Gap boyfriend jeans to the lunch (again!) with a C. Wonder t-shirt and my gold Tory Burch ballet flats. I always giggle when I wear C. Wonder and Tory Burch together. I refuse to choose sides in the Burch divorce situation.

Homework: What is the best party favor you have received?