Dress Code: Traveling in camo, again!

imageThis weekend I drove to Woodland Hills for a sorority reunion. I was really excited to see some of my Alphi Phi sisters that I kept in touch with via Facebook, but some I hadn’t seen in twenty-five years. We had a blast and I will be sharing more about the reunion this week.

Today, I wanted to focus on my travel outfit. It was about a two hour drive from Orange County, so I need to be comfortable. I ended up wearing my new camo flouncy skirt that I bought during our outlet field trip last week. The skirt was less than $20 at the Banana Republic outlet. I wore it with a black, satin-trimmed t-shirt, also from Banana Republic. I added my new Kendra Scott emerald green earrings from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, a tassel necklace from Ann Taylor, my fedora, and my black Tory Burch sandals to complete the look. When I arrived, it was super hot and a group of us sat outside to greet people as they arrived. This out was perfect! Casual and cool!

Homework: Clearly, my straw fedora is my favorite accessory this summer. What is yours?


Honor Roll: Cam Me – Take your selfies to whole new level!

imageI follow Real Simple magazine on Facebook and every Friday they post 6 simple items to make your life easier. I almost always find something to download or buy. Cam Me, a free app for selfies, was such a fun discovery! To quote my friend, Vicky, “OMG, caps!” My arm is never long enough to take a good selfie, and this app solves that problem. My Dress Code pictures are going to be at a whole new level!

Here is a description for USA a Today…

Selfies usually can only capture a shot at a distance that’s the length of your arm. But what if a hand gesture could serve as a remote for your smartphone’s camera?

PointGrab’s new CamMe smartphone app utilizes gesture control to allow users to snap a selfie. Make your hand into a fist, and a remote counts down before taking a picture. The app released new features Monday, like “Photo Booth”, that takes a series of photos just like a classic photo booth. There are also goofy photo cutouts, in case you wanted to see yourself as a mermaid.

The app can also serve as a way to get everyone in the picture, instead of asking a friend to stay behind.

You are welcome!
Homework: Take a selfie with Cam Me!