Dress Code: Texture, pattern and shine on a Friday!

imageI love how this outfit came together, and it follows the fashion philosophy of Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Stacy and Clinton always emphasized that an outfit should include texture, pattern and shine. I loved that show and really miss it! Today’s outfit is in their honor…

I recently bought this cute red top at the Banana Republic outlet and it was only $12. I wore it with my black leather Anthropology skirt (shine) and my black quilted cardigan from Nordstrom (texture). I then added my leopard and lace Tory Burch pumps (pattern). I finished the look with a couple of bracelets, including a leopard wrap bracelet from Charming Charlie (pattern) and a few Kate Spade bangles, and my black quilted patent leather Tory Burch tote bag (texture and shine).

Homework: How would you mix texture, pattern and shine?


Dress Code: Ciao, baby!

imageI am in love with this black and white striped “ciao” sweater from the Banana Republic outlet. The day I was there, everything in the store was 50% off, so the sweater was only $25. It’s so cute and versatile. Today, I layered it with my Gap denim work shirt and my black leather Anthropolgy skirt. I always have to have more than one pattern in the mix, so my leopard and lace Tory Butch pumps added just the right amount of interest to the outfit. A few bracelets, including a Charming Charlie leopard wrap and Banana Republic red enamel bangle, were the finishing touches.

This sweater works well for work, but will also look adorable with jeans and my leopard ballet flats.

Homework: It’s Friday, take the night off!

Dress Code: On Wednesday’s we wear pearls, pearls, and more pearls!

imageLast week our school photographer was on campus for three days taking school pictures. My goal was to take a picture each day and then pick the best one. Sadly, I missed my window of opportunity each day. Today, was the make up picture day, so I needed a fabulous outfit that would look great for my one take. I decided to go for a classic look with an LBD and pearls. I wore my black shirt-sleeved shift dress from Anthropology and then piled on the pearls. My long C. Wonder pearl necklace is extremely versatile. Today, I’m wearing it as a triple stand with another pearl necklace with a bow detail from Ann Taylor Loft. I added some stretchy pearl bracelets from Forever 21 my vintage Chanel button ring, and my C. Wonder pearl stud earrings.

Homework: What would you wear on picture day?

Dress Code: On Wednesday’s we wear necklaces that would make Mr. T jealous

imageToday I wore my awesome “Mr. T” statement necklace. Each time I wear it I want to say, “I pity the fool who doesn’t own a fabulous necklace like this one,” in Mr. T’s voice. This necklace is so amazing, it needs a simple backdrop so it stands out even more. I decided to wear it with my best LBD from Anthropology and my black Coach wedges. This outfit is classic, with a edge! I’m so glad I parked outside of the Off 5th Saks 5th Avenue outlet and cut through to get to Banana Republic. During this short cut, this necklace caught my eye and it was only $34. I knew I had to have it!

Homework: How would you wear this “Mr. T” style necklace?

Dress Code: I was a very busy bee!

imageI am in love with this hot pink, bee print tank top! It is just too cute! I bought it recently for $20 at the Banana Republic outlet. I wore it with my favorite black leather skirt from Anthropology and my trusty Coach wedges. My only accessory was my Kate Spade initial necklace. I topped the tank with a bright yellow short-sleeved cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft. The cardigan picked up the colors from the bee print and created quite the cheery color combination.

Dress Code: On Wednesday’s we wear necklaces that look like tiaras!

imageSometimes you need to fall back on classics when you need to get dressed in a hurry. This black dress is one of my favorite “forever” pieces, and it was such a good buy. I found it on the sale rack at Anthropology for less than $50 and I wear it all time. All this dress needs is a great necklace and my “tiara” necklace from Banana Republic was perfect for today. It is another find from the sale box at BR and it was less than $30. It is such an amazing statement necklace and I always get compliments on it. And, it make me feel a little bit like a princess! Always check the sale box of jewelry at Banana Republic! You never know what you will find!

Homework: What is favorite source for statement jewelry?

Dress Code: Going-out outfits!

imageLast weekend I attended an SDSU Alpha Phi reunion and I needed two cute going-out outfits. As I was packing, I found this adorable reddish pink Velvet brand dress in my closet that I bought at Anthropology about six years ago. It was perfect for our Friday night dinner activities. It was really hot in the valley, so this jersey sundress was light-weight enough to handle the heat. We were going to a casual Mexican restaurant for dinner, so I didn’t need to be super dressed up. I styled this dress with my new Kate Spade initial necklace that I bought at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and my usual wrist bling. My black Coach wedges finished off the look. On Saturday night, I wanted to get a little more fancy. Clearly, I am obsessed with all things camo, so I decided to figure out a way to make my favorite Gap camo khakis work. My black sequined tank top from Banana Republic was the perfect way to jazz up the camo pants. I was so excited to wear this combo. I added my hot pink Kendra Scott tassel necklace, several Kate Spade bracelets (including the pink one I won at Casino Morongo), my Kate Spade glitter clutch, and Coach wedges. I love the way this outfit came together.

imageI had such an amazing weekend. It was awesome to reconnect with so many of my Alpha Phi sisters that I hadn’t seen in years. We reminisced and laughed all weekend.

Homework: What is your favorite “going-out” look?

Dress Code: These are a few of my favorite things… leather, leopard, hot pink, and studs!

imageI scored these amazing leopard Tory Burch shoes off the sale rack at Nordstrom. I wasn’t looking for new leopard pumps, but I had to have them! I don’t want to focus on how much they cost, instead, I will focus on how much I saved! I actually saved more then I spent 🙂 I planned my whole outfit around these shoes and added all things I love. I started with my leather Anthropology skirt that cost $49. What a deal! The front is leather and the back is jersey, so it’s super comfortable. My gold studded Michael Kors t-shirt and hot pink Kendra Scott tassel necklace were the obvious finishing touches.

It’s fun to wear a combination of all things that you love!

Homework: If you wore all the things you love, what would that outfit look like?

Dress Code: On Wednesday’s we wear mixed metals!

imageThis mixed metal statement necklace was a steal… only $10.50 at Banana Republic! Remember to always look through the sale box of jewelry whenever you stop by Banana. I always come up with gem of a deal! This necklace makes such a bold statement, that the rest of the outfit needed to be simple. Of course the perfect base was a simple LBD. This one is from Anthropology. It’s one of my favorites and I wear it often. It is the ideal backdrop for all my fun necklaces. I added some fun bracelets and a soft pink headband and I was ready for the day.

Homework: How would you style this stately necklace!

On Wednesday’s, we channel our inner Mr. T!

imageI pity the fool who doesn’t own a necklace like this one! Here is the back story… Recently I attended a science conference in Long Beach. As I was driving home, I realized that I was very close to the Outlets in Orange. It would have been rude not to drop by and say hello to my favorite outlets, so I stopped by to see if there were any good deals. I parked outside of the Off Fifth Sak’s 5th Avenue Outlet, and thought I would just walk through to get to Banana Republic. This fabulous gold chain collar caught my eye, but I kept walking toward Banana. I was scheduled for spin at 5:45 pm, so I had to stay focused. I bought some cute things at Banana and Ann Taylor. As I was walking back through Off Fifth, I noticed signs that said that everything in the store was an additional 40% off. I went back to the gold necklace and discovered it was a steal at $36. Since the necklace was such a huge statement, I wore my favorite LBD from Anthropology to keep the rest of the outfit simple. I even toned down my usual arm bling. I received so many compliments on this outfit.  I am imagining wearing this necklace with other simple dresses, but also think it would look amazing with a plain black crew neck t-shirt and jeans.

Homework: How would you wear such a bold necklace?