Special Assembly: A party without a favor is just a meeting, Part 2!

imageThis past weekend I attended a reunion for my sorority. I’ve shared before that in my family, it’s not a party without a party favor. About forty girls were attending this reunion, so I racked my brain trying to figure out something fun and meaningful to bring for everyone. At first I thought Scrunchies, but knew no one would wear them. Then it came to me! Back in the 80’s when we would attend fraternity parties, we would buy plastic tumblers and decorate them with paint pens. We would put our name, date, and the party theme on the tumblers.
Tumblers and paint pens were the perfect party favor! I found the tumblers at Walmart. A four pack was only $1 and I bought a six- pack of paint pens at Michael’s for $5.99. So for less than $20, everyone got to make a tumbler for the weekend. We asked all the girls to write their name and their pledge year on their cups. The cups then also served as informal name tags, since we spanned about five years of pledge classes. Some girls even had everyone sign their cups, like a mini yearbook.

It was so much fun watching the girls decorate their tumblers. It’s amazing how quickly the sorority girl “dot writing” came back to everyone! I’m so glad they were a hit!
They also looked cute in pictures!

Homework: What is the best party favor you ever reviewed?


Special Assembly: Honoring Lewis Milligan


imageYesterday, my friend Lewis Milligan would have turned 47 years old. Lewis and I went to middle and high school together and then reconnected and dated in our mid-forties. Sadly, Lewis was diagnosed with brain cancer and lost his life to that horrible disease almost two years ago. I think about him every day, as his life and his battle are constant reminders to live each day to the fullest and to live with no regrets.


Lewis would have thought this blog was silly, but would have also bragged about the fact that I had a blog to anyone who would listen. He loved to tell people that I was an assistant principal, and I know that he would have been super proud of my promotion to principal. Thoughts of Lewis are always in the back of my mind. He was honest to a fault, the world’s best hand-holder, and a sweet, thoughtful guy. I have always prided myself on being a really good gift-giver, but Lewis out-gifted me and bought me an awesome pink and black beach cruiser for Christmas. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received! When we were dating, Lewis had this teddy bear sent to my office on my birthday. “Little Bear” proudly wears the bracelet that was given out at Lewis’ memorial celebration as a necklace. She also comforts me when I’m having a bad day.

Happy birthday, Lewis! Rest in peace!