Home Economics: Make Ahead Breakfast Melts

imageToday is Sister Day, one of my favorite days of the year! For the last seven years, my five “sisters” and I meet for a holiday brunch the Sunday before Christmas. We all bring five of our favorite things (around $5) and share with the rest of the group. It’s a potluck brunch and we take turns hosting. For the last few years, I have been in charge of the main dish and have been making a recipe that Meredith, one of group, introduced us to, The Pioneer Woman’s Make Ahead Breakfast Melts. Click here for the recipe. This recipe is so good! It is so wrong it is right! Breakfast egg salad with bacon and melted cheese on an English muffin! I’m in!
imageIf you need something to serve on Christmas morning, I highly recommend this recipe 🙂 Enjoy!


Home Economics: DIY mummy candle holders

imageHere’s another quick and easy DIY Halloween craft that you can use as a gift or to decorate your own home…. mummy candle holders! This project is so simple and requires only a few supplies. You will need rolls of gauze (I found mine in the band aide aisle at WalMart), some googly eyes (I bought a multi pack of different sizes at Michael’s), glue, and empty jars.

There is no right or wrong way to make these mummy’s. I thought it would be fun to put large eyes on the small jars and big eyes on the smaller jars. After I glued on the eyes. I used a dab of glue in the back to secure the gauze and started wrapping the jar until I was happy with the look. To finish off the wrapping, I tucked the gauze in the back and secured it with another dot of glue. Done!

I gave mine as gifts with a black tea light candle inside.

Homework: What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

Home Economics: Pumpkin chili… Fall comfort food!

imageIf you haven’t yet tried one of my soups or stews, you HAVE to make this one! It’s the best! I stumbled upon this recipe years ago when I started at a Crossfit gym and learned about the Paleo lifestyle. I originally found this pumpkin chili recipe on Feed Me Paleo. Click here for the original recipe.

imageAll the ingredients can easily be found at Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store. Of course, I had to modify the recipe a bit. I used 2 lbs of ground turkey instead of 3 lbs and added a bag of shredded carrots. I also had some extra zucchini noodles, or zoodles, so I threw them in as well. There is something about the combination of the chipotle salsa and the pumpkin flavor that tastes soooo good. This recipe is on constant rotation all fall. It’s great on its own, but it is even better over a baked sweet potato. Enjoy!

You can easily make a vegetarian version of this chili by swapping out the meat for beans and more veggies.

Homework: What would you serve with this pumpkin chili?

Home Economics: Monogrammed mini pumpkins

imageI needed a few fall gifts to hand out at work and I came up with a fun idea! I had these pearl and rhinestone initial stickers left over from another project and thought they would look adorable as monograms on mini pumpkins. These pumpkins were .69 cents each at Trader Joe’s and the stickers were less than $5 a package at Michael’s. I cleaned the pumpkins with soap and water and completely dried them before applying the stickers. So easy! These will look great on the desks in the front office.

You could easily modify this idea by using larger pumpkins and stickers. Spelling out words like “boo” or “thanks” would look fabulous on a mantel. Metallic Sharpie pens would also work well to accent the stickers. The possibilities are endless!

Homework: How would you decorate these mini pumpkins?

Home Economics: Two ingredient pumpkin cookies

imageMy pumpkin obsession continues with the easiest recipe ever! All you need for the world’s greatest pumpkin cookies is a box of spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin. That’s it! Click here for the official recipe on the Cookies and Cups website. It’s so simple!

You can add frosting to the cookies or make them into muffins. You could also add chocolate chips or toffee bits! The possibilities are endless!

A box of cake mix with a can of pumpkin and the cookie recipe would make an awesome hostess gift!

Homework: What would you add to the pumpkin cookie recipe?

Home Economics: The donut tower

imageThis morning I needed a quick and easy treat to bring to a morning meeting. I didn’t have time to make anything or go the grocery store, so I needed to get creative. I started by pulling out my stainless steel pedestal cake stand. I bought it at Target years ago. If you don’t have a cake stand, any platter will work. I pass a 7-11 on my way to work, so I stopped there and bought two packs of full size chocolate donuts, two packs of mini powdered donuts, two packs of mini crumb donuts, and one 2-pack of Hostess cupcakes. Once I got to work, I removed the packaging and created a fun pattern. It turned out really cute! It was super easy and cost less than $10. You definitely can use other breakfast treats, just look for products that come in three different sizes, so the “tower” is in proportion. Have fun with this idea and share any ideas that you have!

Homework: What’s your go-to item to bring to a breakfast meeting or potluck?

Home Economics: Chicken “noodle” soup

imageI recently stumbled upon a crockpot chicken noodle soup recipe on Pinterest. I thought it would be interesting to make the soup recipe and swap out the wide egg noodles for zucchini noodles made with my spiralizer. I sort of followed the recipe on the Jo Cooks website. I always add more veggies, so I doubled the amount of carrots, celery, and onion. I put all the ingredients in the crockpot before I went to bed and let it cook overnight. I’m keeping the zucchini noodles in a separate container and will add them in before heating up each serving.

I love my spiralizer and enjoy finding new ways to swap out pasta for vegetable noodles.

Homework: How would you use vegetable noodles?

Home Economics: Pumpkin Overnight Oats

imageThis overnight oats recipe is so easy to make and it tastes so good! I found the original recipe on Pinterest and then times the recipe by 7 so I would have my breakfast ready for the whole week. Click here for the recipe.

I bought all my ingredients at Sprouts and found that the bulk oats and the chia seeds were by far the best buy. The best part of this recipe is that everything expands overnight in the refrigerator, especially the chia seeds. It’s such a filling and delicious breakfast.

Homework: What is your favorite oatmeal recipe?

Home Economics: Slow cooker sun dried tomato and pesto chicken with zucchini noodles

imageThis recipe is so good and very simple to execute. You simply add a jar of sun dried tomatoes, a jar of pesto, a chopped onion, and two pounds of chicken breast to your crockpot and cook on low for six hours or until the chicken shreds easily. I found the recipe here on Pinterest. The original recipe on Make the Best of Everything suggests that you add the pesto and sun dried tomatoes to the chicken in a Ziplock bag and marinate in the freezer. When you are ready, dump the contents of the bag in the slow cooker in the morning and cook on low until you get home.

imageI thought this recipe sounded good, but I wasn’t happy with the jarred pesto options at my grocery store, so I decided to make my own with kale. It was not difficult to make and it was much healthier than the store-bought version. The kale pesto was made with kale, olive oil, lemon juice, and Parmesan cheese in my food processor. Click here for the recipe.

The Make the Best of Everything website suggested putting the chicken mixture over pasta, but I used my new spiral vegetable slicer to make zucchini noodles. The sun dried tomatoes and pesto create a sauce for the “noodles” so you don’t need to add anything else. You could also use broccoli slaw. The veggies are a much healthier alternative to the pasta. Less calories and carbs!

Homework: What is your favorite crockpot recipe?

Home Economics: The “perfect” paleo pancake

imageMy new stove has a griddle flame, and as a result, I’ve become a little obsessed with pancakes. A much as I love them, traditional pancakes are just too heavy for me. So I spent some time in search of the best paleo pancake. I think I found it! Of course, my source was Pinterest. It led me to A Spicy Perspective and this recipe. The pancakes require only three ingredients: bananas, eggs, and coconut flour. I bought the coconut flour at Sprouts, and I used my blender to make the batter. Now, I have to admit, these pancakes don’t look great, but they are delicious! The website where I found the recipe stated that you wouldn’t need syrup since the pancakes are so sweet. I agree! I topped mine with a dollop of vanilla Chobani 100 Greek yogurt.

These are a great weekend breakfast or brunch option! Enjoy!

Homework: What is your favorite paleo breakfast recipe?