School is in session… because class isn’t just something you attend! My name is Heidi and I am the principal of a middle school in beautiful, sunny  southern California. I have always loved fashion and shopping and enjoy sharing my tips and tricks for finding just the right outfit, recipe, or gift. One of my special talents is my ability to mix high/low purchases. I am inspired by Kate Middleton and on any given day you can find me wearing my statement trench coat with a $17 dress from H&M, or real jewels stacked with rings from C.Wonder and Forever 21. I love to carry my favorite LV purse when wearing something from Target. It’ s unpredictable and keeps people guessing! Over the years I have learned when to invest in statement pieces and where to find trendy pieces to round out my wardrobe. I love a good bargain, pearls, anything pink, glitter, and all things fabulous.  On my blog I will document my daily Dress Code, announce Honor Roll products I feel you need to know about, and share Home Economics recipes and party ideas. I will also Pass Notes about new stores and sales I find, share beauty tips in the Beauty Locker and outline my organization tips through my Lesson Plans. Physical Education will focus on fitness motivation tips and my weight loss journey. There might also be a few Field Trips and Extra Credit thrown in for good measure! Enjoy!

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