Home Economics: The donut tower

imageThis morning I needed a quick and easy treat to bring to a morning meeting. I didn’t have time to make anything or go the grocery store, so I needed to get creative. I started by pulling out my stainless steel pedestal cake stand. I bought it at Target years ago. If you don’t have a cake stand, any platter will work. I pass a 7-11 on my way to work, so I stopped there and bought two packs of full size chocolate donuts, two packs of mini powdered donuts, two packs of mini crumb donuts, and one 2-pack of Hostess cupcakes. Once I got to work, I removed the packaging and created a fun pattern. It turned out really cute! It was super easy and cost less than $10. You definitely can use other breakfast treats, just look for products that come in three different sizes, so the “tower” is in proportion. Have fun with this idea and share any ideas that you have!

Homework: What’s your go-to item to bring to a breakfast meeting or potluck?


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