Passing Notes: Dollar Tree heaven!

imageHave you been to a Dollar Tree lately? I had a few extra minutes before a meeting tonight, and I happened upon a Dollar Tree store. OMG, caps, I found so many awesome things. It was a good thing that I didn’t have a lot of time, because I could have done some serious damage. This is what I found in ten minutes…
2 sets of Halloween coasters that would be great as a hostess gift
25 Halloween treat bags
2 Halloween cupcake kits because I love cupcakes
16 gold medal winner necklaces for my office staff to wear on spirit day
12 dollar sign bling rings that I had to have, why, I don’t know!
4 multi packs of Extra gum that will be given as gifts with a “you are EXTRAordinary!” gift tag

I WILL be back with more money and more time!

Homework: 99 Cent Store or Dollar Tree?


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