Lesson Planning: Attractive storage and organization

Organization makes me happy! I love searching Pinterest for organization inspiration. Here are a few ideas I have recreated in my bathroom and bedroom:
I reused some Kate Spade gift boxes to store my hair clips and baubles. They are so pretty. I bought this mini cake stand at the Nordstrom Rack and it is a great way to add a level of prominence to the items it holds. My Tiffany mug looks great with my makeup brushes inside. A small glass heart holds all my perfume samples.
image I found this tiered jewelry holder at Hobby Lobby and it’s great for organizing earrings and bracelets. I also have several small dishes for separating rings and small earrings.
imageWine bottles are a creative way to display and stack bracelets. I also used a split of champagne and an empty candle holder. 
image This mini compote dish matches the cake stand and was also purchased at Nordstrom Rack. It holds my Miracle Blur, Bobbi Brown serum and SPF moisturizer. It makes my everyday products look special.

imageA silver tray quickly organizers products on my bathroom counter. I also used an over-sized martini glass to store all my nail polishes and a glass candy jar to hold cotton pads. 

Pinterest is a great source for organization inspiration. I have a Pinterest board called Organization Makes Me Happy. Click here to see my pins.

Homework: What is your favorite organization tip?


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