Field Trip: Vegas fun!

I went to Las Vegas at the beginning of the week and I tried a few new things on this trip.

imageIt’s a long story to explain why, but I ended up at Circus Circus, and it was a trip down memory lane. Growing up, my grandmother lived in Las Vegas and we spent a lot of time at Circus Circus playing the games upstairs and watching the trapeze show. I had to play the clown race game while we were there. You squirt water in a clown’s mouth and it fills up a ballon. The first person to pop their balloon wins. I didn’t win, but it brought back a ton of childhood memories. I did, however, win this adorable stuffed fish, I’m calling her Dory, playing another ballon game. I’m not the most coordinated person, so when I hit and popped two balloons with bean bags, I was pretty impressed with myself!

imageAfter Circus Circus, we headed downtown for zip lining over Fremont Street. I hadn’t been downtown in a million years. It’s a totally different crowd than the strip and there were some great people watching opportunities. The preparation process for zip lining was a little scary, as the elevator up to the platform was very shaky and noisy. The actually zip lining experience was very cool. The Fremont Experience area is exciting and colorful and seeing it from up above gave us a unique perspective. The ride itself is pretty mellow, until the end. You start to speed up and then, wham! You hit the brakes. The ending is a little jarring, but I would definitely do it again.

On our first day by the pool, it was so crowded that we couldn’t even find chairs. We had to set up towels by the side of the pool. So on the second we splurged on a day bed. It was completely worth it! We had a super comfy spot all day and our waitress even brought us buckets of waters on ice. We were right on the pool’s edge and we had a view of the whole pool. There a drawer in the base of the bed for our bags and there was even a safe for our valuables. The day bed also had an umbrella which was great later in the day when I needed a break from the sun.


imageAfter a day by the pool, we decided to take a ride on the High Roller observation wheel. Part of my room package, included a two-for-one voucher for the High Roller. I’m so glad we did it. The whole “ride” takes about forty-five minutes and you get to experience amazing views of the Vegas skyline. Even someone who is afraid of heights can handle it. The orb moves very slowly and it’s a very smooth ride. I highly recommend the High Roller. It something different and it’s a great photo opportunity.

After the High Roller, we hit O’Shea’s for some $5 black jack. We were up, then down and then we were smart and cashed out when we were almost even.

For the High Roller ride and gambling, I wore my white Gap boyfriend jeans with a pink Juicy Couture t-shirt that is sheer in the back. My gold jeweled Nine Wear sandals matched perfectly. I added a few Kate Spade bangles and my C. Wonder camo clutch. It was perfect for walking around and being tourists.

I usually visit Las Vegas two to three times a year and I spend most of my time at the pai gow and black jack tables. It was really fun to get out of the casinos and try some new things.

Homework: What is your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?


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