Passing Notes: I like big sales and I cannot lie…

imageInfo I do like big sales, and the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is my annual opportunity to stock up on basics that I will wear all year long. There is a lot of buying and returning while I am making major decisions. I like to take things home, and try them on with other pieces I own. Once I have my final purchases decided, I will post and share them. I did pick out great items this year!


In the meantime, I wanted to share one of my best and most useful purchases. From my other posts, you can tell that I work out a lot. I always wear Nike shoes, mostly LuLu Lemon tops and Zella capris. The Zella Live In capris are part of the Anniversary sale each year, so I buy enough to last until next summer. I used to buy LuLu Lemon pants, but they are so expensive. The Zella capris go on sale for $28.90 and I usually buy at least four pairs. It’s almost three pairs of Zella’s for the price of one pair of LuLu’s. The ones I bought last year are still in good condition, too! I always wash them inside out, I don’t put them in the dryer, and I hang them over my banister to dry. The black slim fit are my favorite, but I have branched out and bought a few of their fun colors. This year, I bought the royal blue version.

Her is a little known fact… Zella is the Nordstrom house brand of workout wear and it’s very similar to LuLu Lemon quality, as Zella allegedly poached one of LuLu’s top designers.

Homework: What’s your favorite brand of workout clothes?


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