The Beauty Locker: Dry shampoo and the Shine brush

imageAnyone who knows me well, knows that I am obsessed with dry shampoo. I used to have a 24 hour hair wash cycle. Around 22 hours after washing my hair it was already greasy, and at 24 hours, I was a hot mess. I had to stop everything and wash my hair. My hairdresser, Cindy Dugger at Parks Salon in Laguna Niguel, had been telling me for years not to wash my hair everyday. She swore that my hair would stay in better condition and my color would last longer. It took a while and a LOT of dry shampoo to train my hair, but she was right. Now, I usually only wash my hair two times a week. I have tried EVERY brand of dry shampoo on the market! High end, low end, and in between have been experimented with on multiple occasions. No matter the fancy brand or canister, I always come back to my favorite drugstore brand, Suave Keratin Infusion. It’s $2.99 and it works great! I buy multiple cans at time and always have it on hand in my desk and gym bag.


Today, when I visited Cindy for a bang trim, I was introduced to the Shine Brush and it takes my dry shampoo obsession to the next level. This brush is designed to evenly distribute the dry shampoo and produce shiny, lovely hair! I felt like Marcia Brady today… 98, 99, 100! I’m already hooked and will be buying two more, one for my desk and one for my gym bag, maybe I will rubber band it to the cans of dry shampoo!

Funny story… about ten years ago, one of my students, Soha Panah, came to me and explained that she was working at a hair salon and that I really needed to come in and do something with my hair. As a result, she introduced me to Cindy and my life was changed! Cindy is the best and I have since followed her to a couple if different salons and will follow her anywhere. And Soha was pretty awesome for reaching out to someone who clearly needed the help!

Homework: What is your favorite hair product?


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Locker: Dry shampoo and the Shine brush

  1. Hey Hi-
    I’ve used dry shampoo for 10 plus years as well. I started using Psssst then found a product at TJMaxx from England called…..augh….I’m out! Just went in to check on the name and can’t find. I buy all of them everytime I’m there. Anyway, I like this brand as it uses rice flour instead of aluminum starch.
    I’ve thick hair and washing daily is just too much work. These products are perfect!

    • OMG, I used to use Psssst! I would order 10 cans at a time from Since you use dry shampoo and have thick hair, I suggest you get a Shine brush. I’m in love with mine. It really helps distribute the dry shampoo throughout my thick hair.

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