Honor Roll: PB2 and Chocolate PB2

imageHave you tried PB2? I recently discovered this powdered peanut butter and it is pretty much life changing! I love peanut butter and don’t usually buy it because I don’t have much self control. One teaspoon turns into half a jar sometimes. I love the taste and flavor, but the calories add up. This peanut butter powder is great in my chocolate protien shakes. It took my morning Shakeology drink from 6 Weight Watcher points down to 4 when I substituted the powder for the real thing. You can mix the powder with water and create “peanut butter” or you can add it to plain Greek yogurt and it makes a great fruit dip. It also comes in a chocolate flavor and it is great drizzled over cut up fruit. There are a ton of Weight Watchers recipes using PB2. It’s a quick search on Pinterest to find dozens of recipes. I saw one that was for a Thai peanut chicken stir fry that sounded really good.

I don’t usually like products that are considered “fake,” but this product has only three ingredients: peanuts, sugar, and salt. Each serving has only 1 g of sugar.

I bought mine at Target and I’ve also seen it at Wal-mart. It retails for approximately $5 a jar.

Homework: How would you use PB2?


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