Honor Roll: Tender Greens

imageMy friends Meredith and Allison try to get together on a regular basis. They are part of my Sister Day group and their friendships are very important to me. Last week we met for dinner on Tuesday and Meredith suggested we try a new place at The Irvine Spectrum called Tender Greens. It was amazing! Here’s a quick summary from http://www.fastcompany.com:

Tender Greens decided to nix service and gratuity in favor of high-quality ingredients sourced from local farms. Which means for $11 (which every main dish on the menu is priced at), customers can dine on seasonal delicacies from braised rabbit or octopus, to grilled local yellowtail paired with Bhutanese red rice with a cabernet vinaigrette.

imageWe each ordered a different salad at the counter and we were all pleased with our choices. I had the chiptole barbecued salad and it was great. Click here to view the whole menu.

Of course, the company was the best part of this dinner! We sat for quite a long time catching up and the servers were very attentive refilling our ice teas and waters. I would definitely go back! It’s the kind of place that is great for meeting friends, but would also work for a solo meal during a marathon shopping trip!

Homework: What is your favorite new restaurant?


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