Home Economics: My favorite 4th of July salad!

imageHappy 4th of July! I have a busy day planned. The parade in Huntington Beach in the morning, followed by an annual block party on my street, and then a BBQ and fireworks at my friend Patti’s house. I’m bringing a s’mores bar to Patti’s BBQ (see yesterday’s post for details) and making my famous cashew chicken salad for my block party. I make this salad every year and my neighbors request it. It super easy to make and consists of only 5 ingredients, all from Trader Joe’s:

Lettuce, any kind, I used the American Mix
Chicken, you can use the TJ’s canned chicken or Just Chicken
Petite Peas, frozen
Cashews, I used the Cashews Pieces
Sesame Soy Ginger Vinaigrette

Of course, I don’t measure anything! Just use what you think will be good. Sometimes I layer the ingredients and make a pretty design and sometimes I mix it all together. The only real prep is putting the frozen peas in a colander and running cold water over them. Enjoy!

Homework: What is your favorite salad recipe?


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