Honor Roll: The Dry Bar

imageIf you have never been to a blow dry bar, you need to treat yourself! The Dry Bar at Fashion Island is my favorite. I’ve been a couple of times before a big event and it is completely worth the $40. I received a Dry Bar gift card a few months ago (I drove some friends to the airport), and saved it for my next special occasion. In this case, it’s an annual trip to Las Vegas.

Please note that my “before” picture, on the top left, was taken after two boot camp and one spin class. I was a hot mess! I selected the Manhattan style, for sleek, straight hair, and I was really happy with the results. With a bit of dry shampoo and few flat iron touch ups, I can make this blow out last for at least three days. I really don’t like to wash my hair when I travel. My hair is super thick and washing and drying it just wastes time. Vacations are for fun!

The Dry Bar is the original blow dry bar, but there are other options out there. The Nordstrom at Fashion Island has a style bar. They do blow outs and also dry styles. If you go in with clean, dry hair, they will straighten or curl it for $20. It’s a great way to prep for a fun night out. A style bar called Blow Out OC recently opened in Aliso Viejo. I haven’t tried it, yet, but I bought my niece a gift card to get a blow out there. Think about a blow out gift card next time you need a gift. It’s a great gift. I have received two Dry Bar gift cards and they have been by far two of my favorite presents. Everyone deserves to be pampered.

Homework: Have you been to a blow dry bar?


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