Passing Notes: Rediscovering Ross, Dress for Less!

Recently, I had a few extra minutes between meetings and a Ross, Dress for Less was close by. I hadn’t been in one in years, so I thought it would be fun to pop in and see what they had. Well, $60 later…

I found these great storage bins to use in my closet. I swear all I do is wash and fold work out clothes. I just wear them again right away, so I decided to switch to bins for easy access. Plus, I don’t have to be super careful about folding everything. I can just dump the clean clothes in the bins. The best part of the bins is that they say Paris, London, and New York on them. All cities where I have run marathons. The big bin was $11.99 and the small one was $6.99. Organization makes me happy!


I also found these great lap desks for $6.99 each. I bought one for me and one for my mom. I play on my IPad while in bed or on the couch and sometimes it gets really hot on my legs. This cute lap desk will solve that problem and make it easy to write notes and cards in bed. It was an added bonus that mine matches my bedspread.


My last purchase was this adorable tank top for $11.99. How could I resist a bedazzled bike shirt that says, “Live your dreams,” on it! This will be great to throw on after spin class.

All in all it was a productive trip. The home goods section had a ton of great deals. Lots of fun things for summer entertaining. I didn’t need anything, but I will definitely go back the next time I throw a party.

Homework: What is your favorite discount store?


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