Dress Code: Leather, coral, and hot pink!

imageIn a previous post, I told you to get used to seeing my new Kendra Scott hot pink necklace. Well, here it is again! In my family, when you buy something new and wear it all the time, we call it your marathon item, as in, you are wearing it so often, you could practically run a marathon in it! This is my marathon necklace!

Today, I wore it with a black leather topped tank that I just bought on sale at Banana Republic for $35 and a simple black pencil skirt from Nordstrom. To add contrast, I topped the shell with a coral cardigan from Gap that was a steal at $10. I loved the coral and hot pink together! Color wheel, what? For some texture, I accessorized with my usual bling and my new $10 leopard wrap bracelet from Charming Charlie. This was a great day to evening look, as the outfit looked even better without the cardigan!

Homework: What is your go-to accessory of the moment?


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