Physical Education: Music = fitness motivation

imageWhenever I need a little extra fitness motivation, I always buy some new music for my IPod. Music motivates me to get out and walk or jog.  You can lose yourself in the music and sometimes you end up exercising for a longer period of time then you intended. When I was a runner, I had multiple playlists to suit my moods and the length of my runs. I had 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour playlists and then I had fun, serious, hardcore, etc lists. Before a race I would make a special playlist. I had a tendency to start off races too fast, so I would start a race playlist with a couple of slower songs to remind me to pace myself. I was a solid 10 minute mile runner, so I could estimate where I would be at the end of each song. I remember the last time I ran the La Jolla Half Marathon, I timed it perfectly so that “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” would start to play at the base of the Torrey Pines hill. It’s a killer, mile long hill, and I knew that song would put a smile on my face and give me an extra pick me up.

My spin studio, Full Psycle, uses music to create theme classes that are super fun. I will never forget that one night before Christmas, I had attended 2 boot camp classes before heading to spin and I was exhausted. I announced to the class that I was tired and going to take it easy. Well, it was an old-school, hip-hop themed class and the music was so good that I got completely caught up in the fun and without even realizing, I got my highest power number of all time. The music was the key!

I have found a ton of great workout playlists on Pinterest. I have pinned about 20 different lists to my Fitness Motivation Pinterest board. If you want to check them out, click here

Homework: What is your all-time favorite workout song?


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