On Wednesday’s, we channel our inner Mr. T!

imageI pity the fool who doesn’t own a necklace like this one! Here is the back story… Recently I attended a science conference in Long Beach. As I was driving home, I realized that I was very close to the Outlets in Orange. It would have been rude not to drop by and say hello to my favorite outlets, so I stopped by to see if there were any good deals. I parked outside of the Off Fifth Sak’s 5th Avenue Outlet, and thought I would just walk through to get to Banana Republic. This fabulous gold chain collar caught my eye, but I kept walking toward Banana. I was scheduled for spin at 5:45 pm, so I had to stay focused. I bought some cute things at Banana and Ann Taylor. As I was walking back through Off Fifth, I noticed signs that said that everything in the store was an additional 40% off. I went back to the gold necklace and discovered it was a steal at $36. Since the necklace was such a huge statement, I wore my favorite LBD from Anthropology to keep the rest of the outfit simple. I even toned down my usual arm bling. I received so many compliments on this outfit.  I am imagining wearing this necklace with other simple dresses, but also think it would look amazing with a plain black crew neck t-shirt and jeans.

Homework: How would you wear such a bold necklace?


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