Home Economics: Turkey Wrap Ups


I’m kind of boring when it comes to food. I usually pick out something for lunch and eat the same thing all week. It makes prep much easier and faster. This week, I wanted something healthy and filling. I decided to make turkey breast wrap ups. I gather all the ingredients and then package them on Sunday for quick assembly at school each day. I buy one pack of Flat Out wraps and bring the whole package to work on Monday. I buy a pound and a quarter of quality lunch meat at Sprout’s and then weigh out 4 oz portions. I put each portion in a Ziplock bag. In a separate Ziplock bag, I add a handful of broccoli slaw and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge. The broccoli slaw adds some crunch to the wrap and makes it more filling. Laughing Cow has some great new flavors. I really like their chipotle one for a little added spice.

When I’m ready for lunch, I spread the Laughing Cow cheese on the wrap, lay out the turkey breast, add the broccoli slaw, and wrap it up. Yum!

Homework: What is your favorite lunch to bring to work?


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