Physical Education: Train fun!

imageI mentioned in past blog posts that I work out several times a week. For me, it’s a part of my lifestyle and I enjoy the social aspect of the friendships I have formed at the gyms I belong to. My former trainer, Joshua, used a “train fun” tag line on his emails and blogs, and it’s a mantra I have adopted. Joshua made workouts fun by having us play Frisbee golf, creating friendly competitions during the WODs, or assigning exercises to letters of the alphabet and then naming the workouts. I specifically remember a “Vegas, baby” workout that he created before a weekend Vegas trip. It was killer, but I definitely needed the extra push before leaving for a vacation.

It was through Joshua that I realized if you are not having fun when you are training, you need to move on and find something that you enjoy. Over the years, I have tried a lot of different classes and gyms. When Joshua moved away, my workout buddies, Kathy, Patti, Vicky, Louise, and I found the Cross Training Club. Rod, the owner/trainer, is constantly mixing up the workouts to challenge us. He always tries to kick things up a notch for me. The other day he had everyone in the class flipping the battle ropes over a medicine ball. Since I am freakishly strong, he sat on the medicine ball and I had to flip the battle ropes over him. Nothing like a little added pressure! I only hit him on the shoulder one time!

I also love Fitness Evolution. My Saturday morning boot camp class with Michael is always super fun and he pushes me to the limit. We end the class with a two minute plank and he likes to add weights to the backs of the veteran boot campers. This week I had a 45 pound plate on my back. A two minute plank is challenging, and the extra weight makes it really tough. I love that I am wearing pink, pearls, and a smile at the end of this tough workout!

My spin studio, Full Psycle, keeps things fresh by offering different theme classes each week. I love Monday hip-hop classes and Thursday’s TBT (throwback Thursdays) classes. Spin is all about the instructor and the music. One night I was exhausted and had already taken two boot camp classes before spin. I announced to the small class that I was going to take it easy, but it was old school hip hop night with Kris and I got so caught up in the music that I ended up getting my highest number of all time. I was singing along and totally enjoyed myself! A few weeks ago, Paul taught a Madonna themed class. When he played “Borderline” at my request, I used one of my dumb bells as a microphone and belted it out. So much fun!

imageOh, and it’s also important to look cute while working out. Treat yourself to colorful, form-fitting gym clothes and cute shoes. You will feel better, look better, and maybe workout a bit harder!

Homework: How do you train fun?


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