Physical Education: Think Thin bars

imageI discovered Think Thin bars several years ago when I was working with a nutritionist. I met up with her midway through my weight loss journey when I had lost 60 pounds and hit a major plateau. She developed a great plan for me that encouraged clean eating. She recommended these delicious bars as a meal replacement option if I was too busy to eat a proper meal. She liked that Think Thin bars have the proper protein/carb/fat ratio. I like that they taste good and they are filling. I almost always have a Think Thin bar near by in my desk or purse. They are great when I am in a rush in the morning because they are easy to eat the car as I’m driving to work. If I’m stuck in a meeting, I can grab a bar on the go for lunch. I don’t like to complete rely on these bars, because I prefer whole foods, but I need to be realistic and it’s better to eat a protein bar than grab fast food or go without eating. I used to buy these bars individually at Trader Joe’s or Sprouts, but I recently discovered that you can buy a box of 5 at Target or Walmart and you save almost $3. More money to spend on fun clothes or accessories!

Homework: What is your favorite protein bar?


2 thoughts on “Physical Education: Think Thin bars

  1. My favorite meal replacement bars are by Pure Protein. They have equal protein to the Think Thin bars. But they have less calories, less fat, less sugar alcohol, less sodium, less total carbohydrate and more fiber. I find they keep me full about three hours, which is just about the same as a food meal.

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