Home Economics: DIY art work

imageRecently, I was shopping in a Kate Spade store and I was inspired by the photo gallery that was decorating the main wall of the store.  I needed a gift for my friend Stephanie’s birthday, and I knew she would enjoy a mini photo gallery, a la Kate Spade style. I needed to work on a budget, so I turned to my Pinterest boards for inspiration. I have a board called Words to Live By and after viewing all my choices, I saved several of my favorite images to my camera roll. I sent these images to a photoshop to be developed in different sizes, so I could pick the ones I liked and have more options for framing. I had so many good choices, that I ended up bringing the entire collection of images to Stephanie’s birthday party and let her pick her four favorites. I then went to Michael’s and selected some fun frames, these ones were $21 each, but on a “buy one, get one free” sale. I debated about the photo mats, and settled on black, to make the images pop. They were quick and easy to put together and I think they turned out great. I’m pretty proud of this project. I ended up spending about $55 on the project. You could cut down the cost by buying plain frames and painting them yourself, or cutting your own photo mats. Or you could also search thrift stores or garage sales and recycle the frames you find. I didn’t have time for that, this time. I am going to make a similar set for myself soon!
This is the gallery wall that was my inspiration.

Homework: Which one of your favorite quotes would you want to frame?


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