Dress Code: Leggings, leather, and leopard!

imageSometimes, you need an outfit that is comfortable and professional. My Vince Camuto leggings with a leather tuxedo stripe are so cute. I bought them at the summer Nordstrom sale and they were worth every penny. They can be made casual, like today, with my leopard Franco Sarto ballet flats or jazzed up when worn with heels and a sparkly top. My ivory tunic from Forever 21 was the perfect fit for this outfit. The asymmetrical hem makes it super flattering. I added two chunky “jade” necklaces that I bought for $2.80 each at Forever 21. So I guess it leather, leggings, leopard with a touch of jade! I forgot to take pictures before I left for school, so I ended up taking these pictures when I was at the gas station after school. Please note the ocean view!

imageNo homework today! It’s my parents’ 53rd wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary to Nance Bear and The Dude, otherwise known as the best mom and dad around!


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