Dress Code: Feeling kind of blue… Dodger blue!

imageOn Saturday, I went to the Dodger’s/Giant’s game with my workout buddies, Kathy and Patti. We had such a fun day! I didn’t have anything royal blue to wear to the game, so I went to Old Navy in search of a cute t-shirt or tank top. I found this cute royal blue and white stripped boat-necked t-shirt and it was on sale for only $2.99. Done! I wore it with my favorite Joe’s boyfriend jeans and my black Tory Burch sandals. The accessories are what made this outfit. I knew it would be hot, so my trusty fedora was a must. I wore my Coach locket, with a picture of my niece and nephew inside, with my C. Wonder initial bracelet and my Banana Republic black and white crossbody bag.

imageI had only been to Dodger Stadium once before and it was for a high school CIF baseball game. Since this was my first official Dodger game, I wanted to take it all in and experience everything. We had great seats and Kathy brought a big bag of peanuts for us. The first thing we did was buy ice cold beers to enjoy with our shelled peanuts.

imageWhen it was time for a Dodger dog, I decided to go big or go home and went for the Extreme Dodger dog that was wrapped in bacon and covered with peppers and onions. Kathy and Patti went for the traditional Dodger dog and added an order of garlic fries. They smelled so good, but unfortunately, they smelled better than they tasted. My Extreme Dodger dog was amazing and well worth the calories! In my defense, I did go to two boot camp style classes before leaving for the game. I always have fun whenever I go anywhere with Patti and Kathy!

imageAn added bonus to this fun day is that my sorority sister, Lisa, happened to be at the game with her family so I got to see her and hang out for a bit!


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