Home Economics: We want s’more s’mores!

imageWe celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week this week at my school. I put out treats each day for my teachers and ended the week with a special treat!

imageMonday: An apple for the teacher! Baskets filled with apples
Tuesday: You were “mint” to be a teacher! Baskets filled with Lifesaver mints
Wednesday: Our teachers are out of this world! Baskets filled with Milky Way bars
Thursday: Our teachers are smart cookies! Baskets filled with a variety of cookies
Friday: We need s’more teachers just like you! Baskets filled with s’more fixings

imageI’m a huge Pinterest fan and saw a few different ways to put together a s’mores bar. Since I don’t have a fire pit at school, I had to come up with a quick and easy way to toast the marshmallows. I used terra cotta pots that I had on hand (I have at least 40 that I sprayed painted gold for another event) and lined them with tin foil. I put a sterno can that you would use in a chafing dish inside each terra cotta pot. The tin foil protects the pot and also keeps the sterno’s flame lit and protected from the wind. I then put out baskets with the s’more fixings… marshmallows, graham crackers, mini Hershey chocolate bars, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. If you haven’t tried a s’more with a peanut butter cup, you are missing out! They were a big hit with all the teachers. Also, if you look closely, I found special square-shaped “s’more specific” marshmallows. I just needed to add some skewers and sticks for roasting/toasting and plates. I found the sterno’s, square marshmallows, and skewers at Wal-mart when I was buying the rest of the supplies. One of my secretary’s had the “most interesting man” cut out that her daughter used for a video project at school. We thought he needed to come to our s’more party! You know you have a hit on your hands when everyone is taking pictures before they dig in!

Homework: What is your favorite kind of food bar? Chili, baked potato, nacho, etc?


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