Dress Code: 4 events, 1 dress!

imageFriday was a super busy day! It was crazy hair day, I had a meeting at the district office, we had a neon dance after school, and then I planned to attend an art show downtown where my students’ artwork was on display. I had to think how I could make this work without packing extra outfits. I decided my fabulous and sort of retro-looking black and white striped dress from Banana Republic with my black Coach wedges would be the perfect base. The only thing I would need to change was the accessories. My black ribbon statement necklace from Banana Republic was also a great addition to the outfit.

First up was crazy hair day! The cheap wig I bought for Halloween was perfect! The pink and white pixie wig was fun and I could easily transition my hair to an easy bun after I removed the wig. The wig was a big hit with the kids! I got a lot of fun comments until one student told me I looked like an old Miley Cyrus 😦 #crazyhairdayfail That was NOT the look I was going for! I wore a bright yellow cardigan from J. Crew to cover my arms and add a touch of neon to the outfit. Some might say this cardigan was highlighter yellow! For the dance, I bought a tiara that lights up so I would stand out in the dark multipurpose room. Sadly, my meeting ran late and I missed the dance. I will save this tiara for another event!

The art show was downtown and I was so impressed with quality of work my students had on display. I ditched the cardigan because it was so warm and loved chatting with my students and their parents as I admired my students’ talents! What a great day!
Homework: How do make one outfit work for multiple occasions throughout the day?


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