Dress Code: Leather Tuscadero lives on!

imageDuring the Nordstrom summer sale, I bought an amazing Michael Kors black pencil skirt with side leather panels. I went to put it on recently, and it no longer fits, which means I’m getting close to my goal. I took it to my tailor, and it was going to cost more than it was worth to to bring it down to my new size. So it was a good thing when I recently stopped by Anthropology to peruse the sale rack and found this leather skirt for $50. The front is leather and the back is jersey. I needed a day-to-evening outfit since I was headed directly to the Teacher of the Year awards right after school. With the leather skirt as the base, I added a Kelly green tank top from The Gap and topped it with another outlet purchase, a black and white striped jersey blazer from Banana Republic. My friend Lisa and I both bought this blazer because it was such a good deal and so versatile. When I can add a statement necklace, I do! I picked this one up at the Ann Taylor factory store in Primm for $10. I love all the colors. My trusty Coach wedges completed the look. One of my teachers called me Leather Tuscadero and we had to do the Leather Tuscadeo and Pinky Tuscaerdo handshakes!

Homework: How do you incorporate leather into your daily wardrobe?


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