Lesson Planning: Control Paper Clutter and Save Some Money, too!

imageI LOVE magazines! When I was a middle school activities director, I was in charge of our major fundraiser, a magazine sale. All staff received a 50% discount on magazines they purchased. I went wild and subscribed to about 15 magazines.  I was in heaven :). When I left the middle school, I had to wean myself off my magazine addiction. I would buy one or two magazines a week as a treat.  I have a hard time letting go of things and sometimes my magazines would pile up around the house. I also would rip out pages if there was something I wanted to buy or R and D (research and develop). Sometimes I wouldn’t remember why I had torn out a page. So frustrating, and a complete waste of my time!

When my school district had to implement some pay cuts, I needed to find some ways to eliminate my frivolous spending. My magazine “problem” was at the top of that list. One free method to stay connected to my favorite magazines, is to follow my favorite magazines on Facebook, Pinterest, Intsagram, and Twitter. Almost all magazines have social media accounts and they constantly update their feeds with top stories and regular features. They provide links to items they are spotlighting, so I can purchase things on the spot. Reading magazine articles is a great way to kill time when I’m waiting in line or for an appointment.

I do subscribe to one magazine electronically, People Stylewatch. I need to read that magazine from cover to cover on my IPad. I love all the extra features and links, and I feel like I’m turning the pages of a real magazine. It’s worth the annual fee and makes me happy.

Magazines I follow on social media: Shape, Self, People, In Touch, Us Weekly, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, People Stylewatch, and Better Homes and Gardens

Homework: How do you control paper clutter?


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