Dress Code: All dressed up and no where to go

imageThis post is in honor of my mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Nance Bear!

After my birthday dinner, my mom and I went through her closet and she offered me her vintage St. John Knit tuxedo. Of course, I accepted! We traced the purchase back to a trip to Las Vegas in 1987. You have to love the 80’s, shoulder pads and all. Nance Bear wore this tuxedo to many events over the years, as it is a timeless look. The blouse it came with didn’t fit, so I substituted a ruffled tank top from The Gap. It was a very Sharon Stone moment when the outfit came together. Remember when Sharon wore a Gap turtleneck to the Oscars? I can’t wait to find the right occasion to wear it!

Homework: Is there something in your mom’s closet that you can’t wait to own?


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