Dress Code: Let your statement necklace do all the talking!

imageKnit dresses are the best! One easy piece to pull on and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. I bought this gem on the sale rack at Banana Republic. No matter the mall, I always pop into a Banana Republic and peruse the sale rack. I always find the best dresses, usually for $30 or less. Horizontal stripes can be challenging to wear, but the placement of these stripes is super flattering. A couple months after buying this dress, I found this blue statement necklace at Banana Republic for $17. It was a perfect match! Always check out the sale box of jewelry at Banana. You have to dig around, but most times it’s worth it. It was the perfect addition to this dress and completed the look. I added all my fun silver bracelets and topped it off with my Kate Middleton engagement ring replica. I honestly don’t remember when or where I bought it, but it make me smile each time I wear it.

Homework: How many statement necklaces do you own?


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