Dress Code: On Wednesday’s we Wear Classics… LBD, Pearls and Burberry

imageI needed to pull together a quick and polished look this morning, so I relied on my favorite classic pieces.  I started with a great LDB (little black dress) that I bought off the sale rack at Anthroplogy.  This great basic needed some fabulous accessories.  I hadn’t worn my Burberry headband in a long time, and it felt like the right touch to add to my black dress.  I pretty much stopped wearing headbands when Gossip Girl ended. It was my personal way to mourn the lose of Blair Waldorf. I’m bringing the headbands back!  Once the headband was added, I then piled on the  pearls! Pearls, like glitter, make everything better! I collected these necklaces from Ann Taylor, Forever 21 and Nordstrom.  One of the necklaces only cost $3.80. Can you guess where I bought it?

Homework: What are your favorite classic looks?


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