Physical Education: ACCOUNTABILITY… The Make or Break of a Weight Loss Program

imageToday’s substitute teacher (aka guest blogger) is Angel Cipolla, my friend and trainer. I’m currently participating in Angel’s 30 day Amp It Up challenge and I am experiencing great success! Here are Angels’s thoughts on accountability:

I’ve been a fitness trainer for almost 10 years now and I’ve seen weight loss programs and contests come and go. Believe me I’ve seen it ALL! Why is it some of us can do incredibly well and then when the program ends, fall back into our old ways and gain the weight back? It’s accountability. Sounds simple right? But it really is that simple. I have been running weight loss accountability groups, I call “challenges,” that range from 3-30 days, and I’m here to tell you that if you’re engaged in the group and know that you are responsible for checking in, you’ll actually hit the goal you set for yourself. There’s also that feeling of being part of a team. Even if you’ve got different weight loss goals, it doesn’t matter because the feeling of letting the team down, pushes you to do the right thing. This idea of accountability isn’t a new one, but the social media aspect of it is. I love to use Facebook, create a group, upload all the nutritional and exercise guidelines/information my participants need for the duration and then they’re off and running. Posting is mandatory! I want to see your meal pics, calories on your HR monitors or cardio equipment, and hear from you on how you’re feeling. We do weigh-ins to check for progress and work on what needs to improve. I am your biggest cheerleader because if I can get you to your goal, I am doing my job and then you’ll share the wealth with all your friends who need that same push! Accountability is key! Now go out there and find an accountability group or jump in mine! Just be ready to roll!

Angel is a trainer at Fitness Evolution in Laguna Hills, California.


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