Lesson Planning: The 7 P’s and how I prepare for a busy week

When I was a middle school teacher, I always told my students that organization was the key to success! As a self-proclaimed queen of organization, I firmly believe that lack of planning, more often then not, leads to less than desired results. That’s where the 7 P’s come into play. Many years ago, I was working as a sales associate at Ann Taylor in the Mission Valley Mall in San Diego. I had a darling boss named Allison, and one day she and her husband needed a ride to the airport. I gladly volunteered, and when I got to their house, I was so impressed by how organized they were for their trip. Allison’s husband, a marine, explained that he followed the 7 P’s philosophy for organization. Intrigued, I wanted to know more. He said it was simple… Proper prior planning, prevents piss-poor performances! I loved it!


Outfits for the week are ready to go!

So here are some ways that I follow the 7 P’s methodology…

Every Friday afternoon, my office manager gives me my calendar for the next week and I scan it to see if I have any meetings at the district office or anything else that would require an extra special outfit. On Sunday, I usually pull outfits for the entire week. I made cute day-of-the-week tags and hang all the outfits on an over-the-door-hook. If I know the accessories I’m going to wear, I add them to the hanger. I always have a few reserve outfits here as well, in case I change my mind. It just helps simplify my morning routine.

Boot camp clothes ready and gym bags packed.

Boot camp clothes ready and gym bags packed.

If I’m going to boot camp in the morning, I select a workout outfit and put it, along with my shoes and socks, right near my bed. When I’m waking up at the crack of dawn, I don’t want to make any decisions. I just want to brush my teeth, throw my hair in a ponytail, and head out the door before I can change my mind. If I’m also working out at night, I pack my bags the night before and even put them in my car so I’m ready to go.

Lunch packed and breakfast set up!

Lunch packed and breakfast set up!

I also pack my lunch the night before and prep my breakfast. I think a cute lunch bag helps the process. I have two, a cute pink polka dot one for when I’m headed straight to work and put my food straight into my refrigerator and an insulated Tory Burch lunch box for when I need to keep my food cold.

I hope these tips help you follow the 7 P’s!

Homework: How do you get ready for a busy week?


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