Home Economics: A Pj’s and pearls party,

imageI have loved Lauren Conrad since her Laguna Beach and Hills days. Today I follow The Beauty Department(Lauren’s collaboration with her hair and makeup team) and Lauren’s website.  Lauren (I feel like we would be on a first name basis if we met) posted this as a possible Oscar party theme…. and I love it! This is definitely going to be the theme for this year’s Sister Day, one of my favorite days of the year. I ran it by the rest of the “sisters” and they are all on board! I am the oldest sister and can be a little bossy. One year I added a craft, and now I’m adding a theme! Sister Day is held annually the Sunday before Christmas and our group has been friends for years. We all pick a favorite thing from the year (approx. $5) and you bring one for each sister. I spend a lot of time deciding on my Sister Day gift each year. I’m not going to lie, it is a little bit stressful! This year, one of our sisters was across the country, so we sent her gifts and Skype’d her in when we opened our gifts. Sister Day is a wonderful tradition and I think the PJ’s and Pearls theme is a perfect fit! We can be comfortable and fabulous at the same time. Check out the details here
Homework: What is your favorite party theme?


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