Dress Code: The Soft Suit

imageIntroducing the “soft suit”… As a middle school principal, I need to dress professionally. However, I can’t stand suits. They are a little too stuffy for me. So the next best thing is the “soft suit,” a skirt or pants with a cardigan, instead of a suit jacket. This look is so versatile, as I have a closet filled with a rainbow range of cardigans. They are so much more comfortable! Today I paired my favorite black pencil skirt from Nordstrom with a Kelly green tank from the The Gap, and I topped it off with a black short-sleeved cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft. If I’m not wearing pink, Kelly green is my next best go-to color. My necklace is from C. Wonder and my bangles are from Kate Spade. The ring and blingy bracelet are from Charming Charlie, an amazing accessory store in Huntington Beach. The ring was $8 and the bracelet was $13. Most things in the store are under $20. It’s easy to get carried away, so you have to be selective when shopping there!


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