Dress Code: Feeling Patriotic!

imageToday I wanted to wear a couple of new purchases. It just ended up as an American salute. I bought this red and blue striped academy blazer at The Gap and it was a steal for $18. I paired with a simple, white eyelet t-shirt I scored at a Banana Republic sale. For added texture, I wore my favorite knit navy blue skirt from H&M. Sadly, this is the last time I will be wearing this skirt. I have lost some weight and when I saw some pictures from a school event in the evening, I realized it was just too big. I passed it on to friend and hope she wears it as much as I did. I added all my favorite jewelry, including my big navy ring and matching earrings from Banana Republic. I love my monogrammed “H” bracelet for C. Wonder. I am now in need of a new navy skirt. If you see one, let me know!

Homework: How do you rock red, white, and blue?


Honor Roll: Cam Me – Take your selfies to whole new level!

imageI follow Real Simple magazine on Facebook and every Friday they post 6 simple items to make your life easier. I almost always find something to download or buy. Cam Me, a free app for selfies, was such a fun discovery! To quote my friend, Vicky, “OMG, caps!” My arm is never long enough to take a good selfie, and this app solves that problem. My Dress Code pictures are going to be at a whole new level!

Here is a description for USA a Today…

Selfies usually can only capture a shot at a distance that’s the length of your arm. But what if a hand gesture could serve as a remote for your smartphone’s camera?

PointGrab’s new CamMe smartphone app utilizes gesture control to allow users to snap a selfie. Make your hand into a fist, and a remote counts down before taking a picture. The app released new features Monday, like “Photo Booth”, that takes a series of photos just like a classic photo booth. There are also goofy photo cutouts, in case you wanted to see yourself as a mermaid.

The app can also serve as a way to get everyone in the picture, instead of asking a friend to stay behind.

You are welcome!
Homework: Take a selfie with Cam Me!


Field Trip: The Outlets at Orange

imageNeed an idea for a quick field trip? My Orange County girls should head to the Outlets at Orange, formerly known as The Block. The entire outdoor mall has switched to an outlet mall and worth the short drive.  I try to  stop by every other month to see what’s new and pick up some great bargains. I have a loop that I do when I go. I start at The Nordstrom Rack, hit the Ann Taylor Loft outlet, then cross over to the Banana Republic Factory store, stop by the Nike outlet, and then end at the Ann Taylor Factory store. If I have more time, I also breeze through the Off 5th Sak’s outlet and Last Call Neiman Marcus outlet. On this trip, I bought a great black dress, purse, and bracelet at Banana Republic, a skirt and sweater at Loft, and a skirt at Ann Taylor. I bought several things at the Nordstrom Rack, but it is all going back… I don’t know what I was thinking!

Homework: Where is your favorite shopping spot?

Honor Roll: Crystal Light and Light vodka

imageSometimes a girl has to watch her calories… I am currently prepping for a field trip, and by field trip, I mean mini-vacation, to Las Vegas with one of my SDSU sorority sisters. I am watching my weight, so I need to pack a low-calorie cocktail option. I found this light Smirnoff Sorbet raspberry/pomegranate  flavored vodka and will pair it with  Green Tea with Rasberry Crystal Light. It makes a cheap, refreshing drink and won’t use up my calorie allotment for the day. It is delightful! My other favorite low-cal cocktail is Vanilla Coke Zero and raspberry vodka. Enjoy!

Homework: Do you have a go-to low calorie cocktail option?

Dress Code: On Wednesday’s we Wear Classics… LBD, Pearls and Burberry

imageI needed to pull together a quick and polished look this morning, so I relied on my favorite classic pieces.  I started with a great LDB (little black dress) that I bought off the sale rack at Anthroplogy.  This great basic needed some fabulous accessories.  I hadn’t worn my Burberry headband in a long time, and it felt like the right touch to add to my black dress.  I pretty much stopped wearing headbands when Gossip Girl ended. It was my personal way to mourn the lose of Blair Waldorf. I’m bringing the headbands back!  Once the headband was added, I then piled on the  pearls! Pearls, like glitter, make everything better! I collected these necklaces from Ann Taylor, Forever 21 and Nordstrom.  One of the necklaces only cost $3.80. Can you guess where I bought it?

Homework: What are your favorite classic looks?

Dress Code: I Really Needed a New Black Dress…

imageI have a closet filled with black dresses…LBD’s are everywhere!  However, when I find a great one on sale, and it’s a bargain, I can’t resist. Today’s dress is from the Banana Republic outlet and what set it apart, was the texture, at least that’s how I justified the purchase. The dress was only $25, and it had to be mine! I ditched the self belt that it came with, and added a cute leopard belt, also from Banana Republic. I topped it off with a black and white striped cardigan from Nordstrom. I’m really starting to enjoy mixing prints! I added a chunky gold necklace, you guessed it, from Banana Republic, and a black pony hair bangle. I had a principal’s meeting today at the district office, so this dress was a quick and easy polished look to throw on after my 6:00 am boot camp class.

Homework: How many black dresses do you own?

The Beauty Locker: Manicure Monday

imageWell-manicured nails are an important part of creating an overall “polished” look.” Pun intended! I am currently obsessed with getting gel manicures. They last for two weeks, and you don’t have to worry about smearing your freshly polished nails when putting your seatbelt on as you are leaving the nail salon. That used to happen all the time! I am a creature of habit, and always get the same color on my nails. OPI Bubble Bath is the perfect nude, just the right amount of color (see top left picture). It’s clean and let’s my accessories shine.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love glitter. I believe it makes everything better. Glitter nail polish can save a less than perfect manicure or pedicure. A coat of glitter on top of OPI’s Bubble Bath, can extend a manicure a few days if you can’t get into the salon. I used Butter’s Tart with a Heart (see top right photo) on Thursday, since I didn’t have time for a manicure until Sunday. I also like OPI’s Pirouette My Whistle, as another glitter option. If only one finger or toe has a smudge or chip, create an accent nail or toe by only adding the glitter polish where needed.

I always bring my own nail color for a pedicure. All the spin and boot camp classes I take really take a toll on my feet. I usually have to retouch my toes a couple of times to cover up chips. Of course, hot pink is one of my favorite colors for my toes, and Butter’s Disco Biscuit is a really fun one! I like to go simple and classic on my nails and bold on my toes!

Homework: What is your go-to nail or toe color?

Dress Code: Sunday afternoon jewelry party

imageMy dear friend Michele invited me over to her Stella and Dot trunk show party on Sunday afternoon. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to debut my new white boyfriend jeans from The Gap. I am in love with these jeans. It doesn’t hurt that they were 40% off last weekend and only cost about $40. They are so versatile and comfortable. Today, I paired them with a fun top I bought at the Juicy Couture outlet in Carlsbad, California. It was only $13. I know that Juicy is usually for a much younger customer, as one of my students once told me, but I always find a gem or two whenever I pop into the outlet store. I piled on the bangles, including my new nail bracelet, a belated birthday gift, and added my favorite Tory Burch sandals. The finishing touch was my Chanel sunnies… just a little over the top with the bows on each side. Good grief, I love a good bow!

imageP.S. Here is proof from People Stylewatch  that that I am #ontrend with my white jeans…

imageP.P.S. I love my Stella and Dot purchases. I ordered a tassel necklace and red leopard scarf. You might see the scarf as a bathing suit cover up in a couple of weeks!

Homework: What is your favorite Sunday afternoon outfit?

Honor Roll: Fit Radio

imageHave you heard about Fit Radio? It’s like Pandora, but all workout music! It’s a free app for your IPhone and IPad.  I need music to keep me motivated during my workouts, and constantly buying new music can get expensive.  Fit Radio is the perfect solution so I always have access to current music. You can select the genre of the music and the bpms,beats per minute. I just downloaded this app and LOVE it!

Homework: What type of music motivates your workouts?


Physical Education: ACCOUNTABILITY… The Make or Break of a Weight Loss Program

imageToday’s substitute teacher (aka guest blogger) is Angel Cipolla, my friend and trainer. I’m currently participating in Angel’s 30 day Amp It Up challenge and I am experiencing great success! Here are Angels’s thoughts on accountability:

I’ve been a fitness trainer for almost 10 years now and I’ve seen weight loss programs and contests come and go. Believe me I’ve seen it ALL! Why is it some of us can do incredibly well and then when the program ends, fall back into our old ways and gain the weight back? It’s accountability. Sounds simple right? But it really is that simple. I have been running weight loss accountability groups, I call “challenges,” that range from 3-30 days, and I’m here to tell you that if you’re engaged in the group and know that you are responsible for checking in, you’ll actually hit the goal you set for yourself. There’s also that feeling of being part of a team. Even if you’ve got different weight loss goals, it doesn’t matter because the feeling of letting the team down, pushes you to do the right thing. This idea of accountability isn’t a new one, but the social media aspect of it is. I love to use Facebook, create a group, upload all the nutritional and exercise guidelines/information my participants need for the duration and then they’re off and running. Posting is mandatory! I want to see your meal pics, calories on your HR monitors or cardio equipment, and hear from you on how you’re feeling. We do weigh-ins to check for progress and work on what needs to improve. I am your biggest cheerleader because if I can get you to your goal, I am doing my job and then you’ll share the wealth with all your friends who need that same push! Accountability is key! Now go out there and find an accountability group or jump in mine! Just be ready to roll!

Angel is a trainer at Fitness Evolution in Laguna Hills, California.